This is where you can find a list of all our stockists and their location so if you are local you can save the on the postage cost and support one of our local businesses.

Subscription Boxes

The Yarnsmith (Worldwide) - A crochet themed subscription box filled with a range of extra little goodies, including our chocolates in some of their limited edition  boxes. If you love crocheting then why not take a look.

Find out more here: theyarnsmith


Turnips Fruit & Veg Shop (Binley Woods) - A lovely little independent fruit and vegetable shop, selling a wide range of different fruits and vegetables along with products from small local businesses. These are stocking a range of our differnt chocolates.

Find out more here: Turnips

Gifted (Leamington Spa) - A fantastic shop in the Royal Priors filled with gifts and creations from small businesses. These have a selection of my handmade Belgian chocolates stocked.

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